Tatyana Ostafieva

Certified Birthlight™ Teacher: Baby Swimming, Baby Yoga and SMART Yoga. Psychologist for Children with Special Needs 

There is hardly anything we wouldn’t want to do as kids! I used to dance, paint, sing and swim. At different stages I wanted to be a dancer, a teacher, a marine biologist, a children’s doctor and a masseuse... There was a time in my childhood when I wanted to have a job that I can hardly even find a name for. Here is what is was about: I guess they could call me a conscious child because I was memorizing everything I felt and wanted, so that when I grow up I could tell the adults what a child experiences. I think I can call this job “Child Interpreter”. My first job, just like of many other girls, was a baby-sitter. And I started this “career” not even with the first after-school walks with babies when I was 15, but with the crowded all-family celebrations, mostly grandmas’ and granddads’ anniversaries. 

My sister was more inclined to baby-sit older kids or stay with the adults while my greatest pleasure was to spend time with babies. Unlike my friends and classmates, I was never ashamed of playing with the little ones and I was taking it seriously enough to invent the rules of mud-pie “cooking” or “shop-keeping” game together with them. Small children are closer to nature and they teach adults a lot of things. Probably, I felt it back then already. 

When I was studying Psychology of Special Needs at the University, working in a nursery school and in an orphan home, I kept realizing time and time again that observation, knowledge and speech are important and efficient, but nothing can give you as much information about the child or help him as tactile contact and embrace. 

I also realized that only the job you love may be rewarding and that I can use my knowledge and skills by swimming, dancing, practising Yoga and giving health to the wonderful people full of care for their lovely kids. 

Of course, I realized it only after I received my Letter, as Children are the Letters sent by the God. These wonderful creatures make our life clearer, set the priorities and show us what things are really important. They inspire us to take care about our health, listen to our body, learn something new and simply feel happy and have fun! So let’s follow their advice! 

Yoga, water, dance. So different and so similar! They flow one into another and each of them is filled with energy, movement and vitality. At the same time, they give you comfort and deep relaxation. 

Balance and harmony are the essence of all these practices. It’s the fusion of agility and smoothness, tension and relaxation, breathing IN and breathing OUT. All of your five senses are involved as an integral system. Joy and health, or rather, Health obtained through the Joy is what I want to give to the people who come to our Centre. 

All of us are different and I try to accept all children and adults as they are and give them as much of the Miracle as they can accept. 

I love the job that takes a major part of life and I’m always happy to see you here!