October 23, 2011

Childrens centres are invited as partners.

Prenatal centres, childrens clubs, kindergartens and other institutions of Moscow providing maternity and childrens services are invited for partnership and close cooperation in such areas as childrens swimming training in a wonderful pool, teaching, leisure and party activities. If you share our values, you are welcome! BrightFamily Centre brings together the most innovative international workshops and training programs designed for the whole family and based on the thoughtful value-oriented approach to yourself, to your children, family and to the whole world around you! Our mission is to facilitate development of personality and parents mind, joyful pregnancy and childbirth, happiness of motherhood and early childhood. We do believe that the core of the human nature is love, thats why in our job we focus on respect for everyones inner rhythm and give everyone an opportunity to practise with pleasure, at their own pace, without vanity and for the result they want to achieve.

October 11, 2011

Partners are invited for establishing an eco-goods store

We are looking for partners interested in selling their goods via the store of our Centre and later on, via an online store. We welcome everybody interested and sharing our healthy living and environmental sustainability concept! We are ready to consider various family / Yoga / childcare / pregnancy and other product groups. High quality, original product offering and demand among our target audience would be a plus.