BrightFamily Positive Living Centre is in the very heart of Moscow, Zamoskvorechye area, within a walking distance of Polyanka and Tretyakovskaya Underground stations, on the ground floor of Seasons elite residential house.

The special features of our Centre are its convenient location, high standards of equipment, maintenance and design of our premises, professionalism of our instructors and attending personnel.

Cosy premises of the Centre are filled with family-like, friendly atmosphere. This is a place for socializing and leisure, tranquillity and joy, relaxation and movement. The place has a special aura that you can feel immediately once you are here.

The Centre has a unique swimming pool. This is one of the few special-purpose swimming pools in Moscow where water temperature never falls below 32-34 ?C. It is perfect for parents attending our classes together with their children of any age.

The premises include cosy rooms for Yoga, workshops or small talk, a small tea area, a lounge corner, a mini-store of eco-goods, women’s and men’s changing rooms and all you may need to have a comfortable time with your kids at our Centre.

After the classes, you may visit a restaurant as well as one of the best beauty centres of the city, Babor, without leaving the building.