Baby Swimming with Birthlight Instructors

Water is an ideal medium to develop emotional intelligence, which is increasingly regarded as the key for success in the next generations.

Birthlight International Charity Trust

Birthlight Baby Swimming program has won parents and professionals hearts all over the world due to its gentle approach, respectful attitude to the baby, efficient and professional techniques. Its emphasis is directed, first of all, at creating an active emotional bond between the parent and the baby in water, achieved by using special movement and relaxation methods mastering which leads to developing confident swimming skills.

Our programs are developed based on the babys age (over 1.5 months), health, psychology and ability to float in water. Most importantly, parents are fully involved in swimming classes together with their children. This approach is especially beneficial for getting in shape and toning the body of women after childbirth.

Long-term research of Birthlight International Institute and the experience of teaching this method in Russia have demonstrated that Birthlight water babies are more successful in their physical, emotional and mental development.

Water helps the baby to develop coordination, spatial orientation, and a feeling of balance. Absence of gravity in water ensures more efficient exercise for the babys muscles, compared to the firm ground. Even though the set of exercises is a game, each class trains the baby, making stronger the heart, the lungs and the respiratory tract, thus contributing to the brain development. Research of German and Finnish scientists has proven that the babies practicing baby swimming are ahead of their peers in their movement, mental and social interaction skills. They learn to walk earlier than their peers due to wonderfully well-developed muscles.

During our baby swimming classes the baby learns to react and to follow instructions, becoming more intelligent and more sensitive to the environment.

Regular classes in warm water relax the baby, stimulate appetite and improve sleep. At the same time water massage favorably influences intestinal motility, preventing constipation and intestinal colic.

Early swimming excellently affects the babys health and development and early exposure to water in a friendly atmosphere prevents fear of water in the future.

We are proud to present our unique specialized swimming pool with the water temperature of 32C. It is the only swimming pool in Moscow that is not a paddling pool or a class in rented lanes of a large swimming pool with a lot of other swimmers and the impermissibly low water temperature for babies.

For many of our parents the first classes of Birthlight baby swimming are one of the most valuable and memorable moments in their new life with the baby. The baby swimming class in our Centre is a perfect opportunity for parents and newborns to reinforce the tender bond of their mutual affection, for older children to start socializing and for the whole family to enjoy their time together.

All our instructors have been trained by highly qualified UK teacher trainers and hold Birthlight international diplomas.