Svetlana Maltseva

My name is Svetlana!
I am a baby yoga instructor by Birthlight international method. In 2011, with the birth of my son, my world changed and I like a lot of young mothers, actively began to look for the literature, methods, programs for the growth of my baby. After reviewing a huge number of developing programs for children I came to the conclusion that the best thing for a child is not an outrunning development, but the most inborn, natural growth, which is not actually possible in a city where there is a catastrophic lack of physical activity that needs to be compensated. So I came to baby yoga Birthlight version with the gentle, on my opinion, and careful attitude to the kids and their parents. This technique is based on anthropological research and many years of work by Francoise Friedman, a professor at the University of Cambridge, and much resembles our cultivation - traditional child care, forgotten in many families, but for me it turned out to be familiar and dear to me thanks to my grandmother and great-grandmother who devoted their whole lives to folklore. Also both the pedagogical education, and the music school, and my sports categories were useful. There was inner harmony and understanding of what I can do for myself and my child. In May 2012, I passed my first baby yoga course for parents with children from birth up to 1,5 years and Toddler yoga for parents with children from 1,5 up to 4 years old, and immediately started to practice. Now I am already a certified instructor in several areas of Birthlight and fitball gymnastics, I work with normal and special children, as well as with young mothers in the postpartum period. Since 2015, I have been conducting supporting seminars for instructors of baby yoga, children's yoga, children's fitness, children's massage therapists and other specialists in the care of motherhood and childhood.
I will be glad to share my experience with you!

2003 Nizhnevartovsk State Pedagogical Institute. Specialty: Culturologist. Culturology teacher.
2007 Moscow State University of Cultures and Arts. Postgraduate Studies in Theory and History of Culture.

Courses /Seminars:
May 2012 . Birthlight Baby Yoga Level 1(Sally Lomas. Great Britain).
May 2012 SMART Toddler yoga (Sally Lomas. Great Britain).
October 2012 Birthlight Baby Yoga Level 2 (Rosanna Kalliabetsos. Great Britain).
April 2013 Fitball Gymnastics (Non-profit educational institution Educational and Wellness Center "FITBOL". Moscow).
April 2013 Balls in children's fitness programs for children from 8 months up to 16 years. (Non-profit educational institution Educational and Wellness Center "FITBOL". Moscow).
April 2015 Postnatal Yoga Birthlight. (Françoise Freedman. Great Britain).
May 2015 Seminar "Fitball-gymnastics in sports and recreation activities of children of the first year of life". (Elena Fedotikova. Republic of Belarus).
March 2016 Nurturing Baby Massage. (Liz Doherty. Great Britain).
June 2016 Baby Yoga Level 3 (Françoise Freedman. Great Britain).
June 2016 CPD Pelvic floor (Françoise Freedman. Great Britain).
October 2016 CPD Fitball for women (Nima Keshavarzi).
August 2017 RAINBOW PARTNER YOGA (Ieva. Australia).
March 2018 Brain gym 1 (Stanislav Kuznetsov. Moscow) .
March 2018 Seminar "Yoga for children with special needs" (Stanislav Kuznetsov. Moscow).
May 2018 Seminar "Children's practice of yoga - the basics of the basics" (Victoria Zankina. Moscow) .
May 2018 Seminar "Special children - the basis of the yoga practice" (Victoria Zankina. Moscow).
May 2018 RAINBOW KIDS YOGA SPECIAL (Benjamin Hart)