Nadezhda Sheremetyeva

Hello! My name is Nadezhda Sheremeteva.
I am a teacher of baby swimming, aqua yoga, and aqua therapy.
Since my childhood and to this day I consider water as the most precious resource. For me it is a source of health and good mood.
One fine day of my life I discovered the Birthlight school and took a course with its founder - Françoise Freedman. And also I learned from Amanda Gawthrope and Liz Doherty. The more I practise the more I apprehend a depth of Birthlight philosophy. This story is not only about swimming. It is about bonding, setting up important relationships between a baby and its parent; especial attention to each other, and wonderful time spent together. It also concerns parent's pleasure of being involved in teaching their own child, and opportunity to open up new horizons with their child. Besides, some parents also learn to swim with their babies.
Birthlight is an incredible benefit for health, ability of swimming and swimming underwater. I would like to make each of my classes the most interesting and useful both for physical and emotional health. With great pleasure I practise and give aqua therapy classes and classes for pregnancy, do hydro rehabilitation with special kids. I always try to find a personal approach to each student.
I work with kids since 2006. I studied baby swimming, some levels of swimming
for preschoolers, swimming for special kids, prenatal and postnatal aqua yoga, aqua yoga therapy, nurturing baby massage. And also I practice home-nursing with newborns.
Water is a powerful tool that can work wonders. And I know it from my own experience and from the examples of a numerous families that I can work with.
It is happiness for me to go to your success together, share my knowledge, and help you get healthy and happy.
I am really looking forward to seeing you at my classes. See you! =)
Kind regards, Nadezhda.