Tatyana Melnichuk

Yoga entered my life when I was a child with the book “Yoga a Gem for Women ” by Geeta Iyengar. That time in 1992 we started Yoga practice with my mother. In this book I have found exercises that were familiar to me from rhythmic gymnastics since the early childhood. Since 2003 I began a regular yoga practice in the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center at the Embassy of India with Guru Jee Nagendra Kamat. And since then practiced in several yoga centers with the leading teachers. I have participated in various workshops, master classes and yoga conferences, try to constantly improve my knowledge and practice.

Education in Yoga:

• In 2011-2012, took a one-year teachers’ course in "Prana" Yoga center specialized in hatha yoga. Learned from Olga Bulanova, Michael Galaev, Vladimir Zaytsev, Dmitry Demin.

• In 2012 I’ve visited the workshop of Olga Verba dedicated to motherhood and was inspired by the Birthlight philosophy and approach to pregnancy by Francoise Freedman. Since then I finished Birthlight certification courses in: Perinatal Yoga, Prenatal Aqua Yoga, Yoga Birthlight for Maternity Professionals, Postnatal Yoga, Birthlight Baby Massage, WellWoman Yoga, constantly improve my skills and knowledge on various CPDs, organized by Birthlight every year

 http://www.birthlight.com/Teacher/tatiana-melnichuk%20 .

• Since 2013 I’m learning from Uma Dinsmore-Tully her author's method WombYoga.


• Since 2013 I’m learning from Andrey Lappa his Universal Yoga (certification course 100 hours).

• Since 2014 I’m learning Triyoga by Kali Ray, Santoshi and John Glore; Certified Instructor


• In 2014 has been trained on Perinatal Yoga teacher's course by Maria Semistrelnaya and Oxana Gerasimova (Smolikova) in Prana Yoga Centre (Moscow)

• since 2016 studing psychology-sexology by method of Anastasia Mikheeva.

• since 2016 studing Jyotish.

Mother of a daughter. All women are Mothers by their Nature, and we only need to realize it!