Anna Akindeeva

Certified Birthlight™ Teacher: Baby Swimming, Yoga Therapy and Prenatal Aqua Yoga. 

Master of Swimming. Gold medallist and medal winner of the Russian Championships, multiple winner of Moscow Championships. Graduate of the Olympic Reserve School No. 3. Graduate with honours from the University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism, qualified as Swimming Instructor. 

I devoted all my childhood and my youth to competitive swimming. I’ve been working as a swimming instructor for almost 10 years now. At first, it was Reebok-Moscow fitness club where I taught swimming, water aerobics, spinning and children’s fitness. Then I spent two years in Turkey as a personal children’s swimming instructor. My return to Moscow coincided again with my return to fitness as a personal aqua fitness instructor. This was the period when my two wonderful daughters were born. They inspired me to start looking for more delicate approaches to teaching infant and baby swimming. 

Local methods are not that bad but I felt that I needed something different, something friendlier towards the mother and her baby, something to bind them and, above all, something focused on the baby and his or her desires instead of quick results and compulsory movements. This is how Birthlight teaching came into my life. 

It was the Birthlight system that helped me teach my daughters to swim, dive and “feel at home” in the water. As I was practising Birthlight with my kids, I realized that it was what I had been looking for! In 2009, I completed extra Birthlight Aqua Yoga courses and now I really enjoy teaching pregnant women, new mothers and everyone who wants to relax and have a rest in the water after a hard working day. The gentle Birthlight approach is perfectly suitable for everybody! 

I do love working in our Centre filled with light, friendliness and love. I love our warm and cosy swimming pool! I’ll be really happy to see you in my classes! 

Looking forward to meeting you!